Rudolf von Knuth

Initiate of Verena



You are a member of the Sun Society, a small group of academics that meets regularly at the Journey’s End coaching inn in Averheim. It’s probably the most presitigious and erudite academic society in Averheim, which sadly isn’t saying very much.

Questions to consider for chargen

One of the regulars at the Sun Society is a Light Wizard named Konrad Mauer. He read the most recent paper you are considering submitting to the Society. What was the paper about? What was Mauer’s opinion of it?

Graf Friedrich von Kaufman is a patron of the Sun Society and the natural sciences. The expedition he funded to the Southlands, led by Johann Templemann, is due back soon. What are you most looking forward to when the expedition returns? Is it an artefact, a creature, a person?

The Sun Society Notes recently published a paper by Robertus von Oppen, a scholar from Middenheim. The paper was titled, “The Power of the Gods: How the Gods Affect the Winds of Magic”. What did you think of it?

You are eager to speak with the Foreign Messenger. Why? Is his or her Master an expert in your field?

One day down by the docks, you realized that you were missing your bag, that contained several pages of your research notes and a sizable amount of money. You can’t prove it, but you think the Criminal character might be involved in its disappearance. Why?

Rudolf von Knuth

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