Klaus Diefenbach




You have been cast out of your home due to a scandal or crime. Your wanderings have brought you to Averheim, where you hope you can earn enough money or glory to allow you to return home.

Questions to consider for chargen

Why were you cast out of your home? Were you wrongfully accused?

In your travels since your exile, you’ve come across a criminal, racketeer, and sometime-smuggler named Frederic Grosz. Did he help you, or hinder you?

One night you nearly drowned in a storm, but were rescued by a fisherman named Jurgen Klinski. Now Jurgen’s wife Olga is asking for help finding her missing husband. Do you feel any compulsion to help her?

Luminary Konrad Mauer, a Light Wizard, is in Averheim. He has been referred to you as someone who may be able to help reverse your exile. Why? How?

The very first person you met in Averheim was another player character. Who was it? What did you think of him or her? Was he or she helpful?

Are you and the Foreign Messenger from the same homeland? Did his or her Master play a role in the events that led to your exile?

Klaus Diefenbach

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