Elswyth Bassermann



Medium build female, honey blonde hair, fair of face, hazel-green eyes. 5’4" tall.



You were arrested for a crime, but were acquitted of the charges. Since this almost never happens in the Empire, you are a minor celebrity amongst the criminals and underclass of Averheim. You seldom have to buy your own drinks at the Upright Pig and the White Horse, two taverns on the docks.

Questions to consider for chargen

You were arrested a few years ago by a soldier named Markus Baerfaust. What was the crime you were accused of? Did you do it?

~~~I was accused of stealing a locket by someone I was going to “read.” I had actually taken the locket to examine and returned it before I was arrested. I was acquitted because Frederik Grosz testified for me and the locket in question was found on the person of the accuser.

You were acquitted of the crime based in part on the testimony of Frederik Grosz. What did Grosz say? Did he lie for you?

~ Frederik Grosz saw the accuser notice the locket on her person after the soldiers were summonded. The Accuser thought maybe she could get something for nothing so she hid the locket and decided to go through with the accusation. Frederik saw her pocket it as the solier arrived and sped to my defense. He’s an honorable man and he believes I acted in honor, as well.

Two docker gangs are at each other’s throats. The Wharf Rats blame the Fish for the disappearance of Rolf Haller, a Wharf Rat. How do you feel about the possibility of a waterfront gang war? Do you favour one gang over the other?

~ A gang war on the waterfront is a disturbance in that regular folk won’t come to trade there. No active trade from fear of violence means less business for me, and it means greater solider activity. I just hope they work it all out. Perhaps I should dig around to see if I can find clues as to Rolf Haller’s whereabouts…

The criminals in Averheim are starting to bow down to a new boss, the “man in the black hood.” People who won’t comply with the new order are starting to turn up dead. Has anyone you know been killed? Do you have an opinion on the “man in the black hood”?

~~~I don’t know if I know the mysterious man in the black hood. I do socialize a lot. Perhaps he’s someone who frequents my haunts. I’m curious, I wonder if he has anything to do with the stirrings of the waterfront gangs? Perhaps I’ll watch for clues.

You know something the Gently Born character wishes you didn’t, but you’ve agreed to keep quiet… for now. What is it?

~~~Wulf Wall is the man pulling the strings of organized crime here. I wonder if he employs the Man in the Black Hood?

You got into a fight (verbal or physical) with the Battle-Scarred character once. What was it over?

~~~The Battle Scarred and I traded words over payment when I threw the bones and read him. He wasn’t happy with what I said and he refused payment and overturned my table. I noticed his “tell” when talking about the woman he is bedding… she’s married to someone, a noble or high-ranking official. I don’t know who it is, yet he is clearly nervous about his dalliance and it being found out.

Elswyth Bassermann

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