The Enemy Within

First Game

Engelbrecht Faas

Excerpts from the notes of Inquisitor Konrad von Markstadt:

Averheim incident of <date>

Averheim Docks

Inquisitor’s note: This is an interview gathered by the watch and included because I suspect it provides background to the events that followed.

Suspect Engelbrecht Faas continues to insist that he was merely staying at the Upright Pig and had no further involvement in the gang fighting.

He claims that when the fight that spilled into the street several participants ran into a docker, dwarf and himself. “The pansy Wharf mice couldn’t take a hit and ran after just one punch” is all he will say about the ensuing fight.

He admits to meeting the leader of the Fish, Gerd Knakk, and said “he rambled on about something and only caught my attention when he mentioned that the Hooks are involved in smuggling and that the Wharf Rats are missing a guy, vanished, like my brother and many others here.”

I attempted to pursue the topic of the smugglers topic but the suspect got belligerent and insisted the missing transients were more important than a gang avoiding the Emperor’s taxes, how ridiculous. I am sure the gutter trash just moved on to plague another city.

Inquisitor’s note: The rest of the report continues in the same vein and is unrelated but points to Engelbrecht Faas, a dwarf and a dock worker investigation the missing of Averheim.


Jake munnst

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