Wulf Wall



Gently Born

You grew up alongside the nobility of Averland and are familiar with their names, families, connections, and influence. With no lands or titles of your own, you must find a patron if you’re going to stay in high society.

Questions to consider for chargen

Your father had a business arrangement Graf Friedrich von Kaufman. What was it?

Someone in your family proposed marriage to Gravin Clothilde von Alptraum (she declined). Who?

You don’t stand to inherit any land or titles. Why not? Are you not nobility, or is someone else in your family going to inherit instead?

It seems likely that either the Leitdorf family or the von Alptraum family will hold the Elector’s seat in Averland, to replace Marius Leitdorf. Which family do you favor?

A spot of financial trouble recently saw you sell something to a woman on the docks named Mathilda Durbein. Now you’d like to buy it back. Does Mathilda still have it?

It seems like every time you visit the Journey’s End coaching inn, you see a gaggle of scholars including the Academic character. What’s your opinion of this group?

You’ve heard rumors that the Outcast character was exiled for dallying with a nobleman’s daughter. Do you believe the gossip?

Wulf Wall

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