“At the appointed time, we shall rise from our secret places. Chaos will cover the land, and we, the chosen servants of Chaos, shall be exalted in His eyes.”


The Elector Count is dead, and the province of Averland writhes with intrigue and conspiracy. Malevolent forces creep in the shadows of Averheim’s wharves and alleys, gaining strength as the the struggle over the succession wears on.

Into this turmoil stumbles a handful of unlikely heroes. Each with his or her own talents, motives, and secrets, the members of this motley assemblage will soon find themselves thrust into affairs more dangerous than anything they’ve ever faced before. They may defeat rivals and brigands, criminals and monsters…

… but can they defeat the Enemy Within?

Dramatis Personae

Elswyth Bassermann, a Mystic . . . . . Carol Anne
Bardin Bronsson, a Grudge Keeper . . . . . George Tran
Klaus Diefenbach, a Dockhand . . . . . Gideon Boone
Engelbrecht Faas, a Soldier . . . . . Steve Munn
Wulf Wall, an Agent . . . . . Jesse Foster
Rudolf von Knuth, an Initiate of Verena . . . . . Eric Johnson


The Enemy Within

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